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My name is Cyndi Hackett, I specialize in helping people bridge their innate ability to heal themselves, shift emotional patterns and connect to their greatest expression of Self.

As a Clinical Herbalist & Flower Essence Practitioner, I use an investigative approach supporting you with sustainable health changes through intuitive listening, plant medicine, flower essences and nutrition so you can reclaim a life you love.

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I was stressed out, overworked and exhausted. Cyndi put me on a customized plant medicine tincture that I took a few times a day. Within 24 hours I started to feel better. This woman knows her stuff and is gifted beyond measure.
— Cheryl Janis, Healthcare Interior Design, CherylJanisDesigns.com
Before finding Cyndi I was just functioning, trying to make it through every day. With Cyndi’s help, I learned new ways of eating nutritional food. Combined with herbal formulations, supplements and lifestyle changes, I began to enjoy life again. I became more energized allowing me to make it through the day and even started loosing weight! I cannot thank Cyndi enough for her life changing plan for me!
— Sharon Trujillo, Retired Analyst, Mother of four and Grandmother



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