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"The only solution to your dog Kato's advanced arthritis is to put him on a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug." 

Twelve years ago I stood in my veterinarian's exam room holding Kato tight to my chest, well aware of the pain in his body and his limited ability to walk without any pain medication.

I listened wholeheartedly to Kato's diagnosis.

"The only catch is that the pain meds cause kidney disease and that will likely kill him within 24 months," She continued.

It astounded me that this fragmented care was the only prescribed solution. I was frustrated. This purely allopathic approach to medicine was only targeting the symptoms, I thought, and not supporting the entire system as a whole.

I was studying herbalism at the time and I knew that the plant Milk Thistle had an affinity for protecting and regenerating the liver and improving kidney function.

I understood that the plant Dandelion was helpful for arthritis and benefited the liver and that root Burdock supported the excretion of toxic byproducts from the system.

Along with a daily dose of the prescribed pain medication, I gave my beloved Kato a glycerine tincture of Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Burdock and a powder of the same sprinkled over his food twice a day.

The results were astonishing. 

Kato lived for over six years from the day he first visited the Vet. With the plant medicine I subscribed, integrated into his daily care, his liver count never elevated past the mark he started at and he never developed kidney disease. In fact, he passed away from natural causes at the ripe old age of sixteen!

That's the power of plant medicine.

Plant medicine, regardless of human or animal, used alone or integrated with allopathic care is an equal opportunity healer.

I'm Cyndi Hackett and I'm help big-hearted women over 40 rise above the battlefield of life's demands, and return to vitality and joy.

I am a certified medical herbalist and I use nutrition, flower essences and plant medicine to get you out of anxiety and stress, and back to feeling excited about living the life you love.

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