How to love yourself right now

The world could use some love and compassion right now and so could you.

Here are some popular heart herbs for supporting increased compassion, stimulation, softening, and healing heart ache. Whatever your heart is calling for, let the herbs help support the physical, spiritual and emotional heart.

You can use these herbs when making sweets, tinctures, elixirs, flower essences, cocktails, herbal teas, bath scrubs, or on your alter in prayer. The spiritual heart is built upon health, compassion, forgiveness, and self-love. Cultivating that involves physical, spiritual and emotional healing so that one can be open to feeling love for others and allowing oneself to receive love.

Holy Basil - As an elite class of adaptogens, holy basil is valued for its ability to fundamentally restore balance and harmony in the mind, body, and spirit. As the name implies, holy basil has spiritual as well as medicinal significance. In Hindu mythology, the plant is an incarnation of the goddess Tulsi, offering divine protection.

Hawthorn - Revered as a cardio tonic Hawthorn represents courage, improves circulation, balances blood pressure, strengthens arteries, oxygenates the blood, and clears the mind. Hawthorn can help with disconnection, emotional or spiritual heartache; opens to forgiveness, removes emotional obstacles to healing.

Linden - The Linden tree is considered to represent mercy. As a heart tonic, Linden eliminates blood stagnation and relieves heart conditions related to stress. Linden is used for calming emotional turmoil and helps to balance emotions. It allows a softening of the heart for releasing and letting go after painful experiences and to release emotional blockages in general.

Cinnamon - A cardio exhilarant, cinnamon is both stimulating and arousing physically and sexually. It is comforting and tranquil. Cinnamons’ focus is on intention and concentration opening the heart chakra to clear blockages connected to issues of giving and receiving.

Motherwort - As a heart strengthener we can work with motherwort with regards to feelings of being alone, grief, sadness and loss. Restlessness and disturbed sleep from emotional ailments of the heart. Motherwort was traditionally used for conditions of the mother, i.e., the uterus.
Rose - One of the most ancient plants with which we have a romantic attachment. They are associated with divination and healing. Considered a restorative, Rose invites a therapy for the heart and soul. It is deeply nurturing, heart opening, softening and love-promoting.

Lemon Balm - As a nervous/cerebral restorative, its an amazing healing plant whose deep therapeutics are said to be a mood elevator bringing about merriment and uplifting the spirit. This lemony herb has delighted lovers for centuries and in medieval times betrothed couples made bracelets for each other as a sign of their love.

Disease stems from disconnections within the spiritual or emotional heart.
         “When the heart is not healthy, the whole system is diseased”   
~An aphorism of Unani Medicine

Wishing you a life of love, from my heart to yours,