What to do when life feels like a punch to the gut

Have you ever had something happen in your life that knocked you down so hard it literally took your breath away, and when you got back up you didn't recognize yourself anymore?

Since Ive been working with the plants, especially flower essences, I have noticed powerful shifts in my emotional well being and am seeing glimpses of the person I use to be

Flower essences help deal constructively with negative behavior and thought patterns.

When we work with flower essences we gain access to our vital forces which strengthen our emotional wellness and overall health.

I carry a two ounce brown bottle with me everywhere I go. It’s in my pocket, my purse or in the cup holder of my Jeep. I don't go anywhere without it. It's like a security blanket to me.. 

I keep it on hand because I never know when those damaging repetitive thought patterns will creep into my head.

I repeat my mantra every time the drops hit my tongue, six, seven times a day if i’m having one of those days.

Flower essences are natural and gentle. By understanding and correcting the underlying negative behavior patterns, we can reconnect with our true nature of being.

Since working with flower essences I have moved through more emotional patterns than I have during the three years I spent incubating after my life unexpectedly imploded on me…

I have found that my wounded heart is on the mend. I’m not as afraid, suspicious or resentful about the way my life has ended up. 

My work with the essences has brought me clarity, openness, courage and am actively pursuing my fate and settling into the process, my journey accepting my everyday and even learning to feel joy.  

If you are interested in learning more about flower essences and how they can help you, send your question here.

With a healing heart,