Pick 3 of these 10 daily self-love practices

What is Vitality? (an image of buds bursting open, a fern unfurling, a playful otter, or the inside of a sunflower,) Vitality is coordinated intelligence to bring about homeostasis.

This is why we go out in nature and what we keep coming back to, it is our vital self.. tapping into nature and the life force within and around us.

This is also what we can consider self care, but what really is self care for anyway? And who has time for it these days?

It can end up feeling like just another thing to beat yourself up over for not doing, so why put that much pressure on yourself?  Isn't spending a lazy day laying on the sofa self care? Considering you’ve worked hard all week long and have a house and family to take care of? Besides, you’ve spent 40 years taking care of everyone else, how do you focus on myself now?

Does this sound familiar?

If so, its time to go back to the fundamental basics of life and explore your surroundings. 

It all comes down to setting a block of time for yourself. Once you do, you’ll know what you need. Whether it is running barefoot around the house or staying in bed drinking a cup of tea and journaling.

If we can spend time inside our bodies and come to a point of stillness, you will become conscious about your health and you emotional state… 

If you can, fit it in throughout your day. Stopping to take seven deep breaths. Taking a break to walk around the block to watch the clouds drift by. Nourish yourself with a healthy snack. Walk the stairway for cardio health if there is no where to walk outside. Noticing how many birds you see on your drive home from work. Anything you can do throughout your day that connects you to yourself… 

Be careful not to self sabotage and criticize yourself, and if you do, theres a learning process in that too. Ask yourself why you are not allowing yourself to receive what you give to others. 

Your practices are a threshold and gateway for you to begin to becoming more conscious and aware of your vital life force.

Pick three things from the list below and do them every day for three weeks and see what changes occur emotionally and physically.

  1. Water and Hydration
  2. Sleep and rest
  3. Prayer
  4. Meditation
  5. Pausing, relaxing and breathing
  6.  Physical activity
  7.  Being in Nature.
  8. Nutrition
  9. Digestion
  10. Journaling, affirmations, and other practices

And if you feel inspired to share, send me a note here.

Love and Blessings,