What Are You Paying Attention To?


While hiking around the Sonoma coastline yesterday a tiny familiar looking wildflower with five petals colored a brilliant yellow shining in the sunlight waving at me in the ocean breeze as if to say Hello; kept catching my attention. It was hard to dismiss because everywhere I went they were presenting themselves. I noticed batches of them here, I saw fields of them over there and even one solitary group flagging me down from the middle of the trail growing right out of the rocks. (tenacious little things). 

In working with plant medicine, I have learned to pay attention when plants come to me because they're usually bringing me something I need to learn or be aware of..

Yellow flowers are associated with the solar plexus energy which is the creative center of our being. They represent inner joy and strength.

Buttercup helps us find self-worth and confidence; showing us that who we are is important. In doing so, we feel a sense of safety and support allowing us to move forward in the world. Buttercup gives us a feeling of sunshine within ourselves. It is a helpful remedy during the long dreary winter months and is no wonder the first flower to bloom in spring.. They help us to find time for ourselves and the things we wish to do with the energy enough to get them done.


Buttercup is in a formula I’m working with and does not surprise me that I’ve encountered it recently. It’s clearly asking me to be more creative, joyful, happy and playful. Something my heart has been craving for awhile now. It has been an intense period of dismantling and rebuilding the last several years and i’ve only recently begun to emerge. Buttercup has been a helpful ally for me.

If you find yourself intrigued by flower essences, you don't have to be a flower child to receive messages from nature. You just need a willingness to slow down and take notice with an awareness that there is so much more going on than the material chaotic world around you.

So I invite you to stop, listen, take notice and watch for the sign posts from nature. What messages are they sending you? I’d be curious to know what that is for you. Please reply and share it with me.

Much Love,