Oftentimes the struggles we are experiencing directly relate to unaddressed needs in the emotional and physical body. By working together, we will discover the direct correspondences between emotions and symptoms and how plant medicine can help regulate emotional patterns and realign Spirit while working on the foundation of chronic disorders. This would include plant medicine consultations, earth essence therapy, and sustainable lifestyle changes through nutrition, safe movement, and spirituality.



✅ Anxiety
✅ Depression
✅ Stress/Overwhelm
✅ Nutrition and Digestion
✅ Low Energy and Fatigue
✅ Sleep Issues
✅ Food Allergies/Intolerance


✅ Herbal formulations to meet your specific needs.
✅ Ongoing herbal support that fits into your lifestyle.
✅ Custom formulated herbal teas and tinctures that taste good.


✅ Start feeling better immediately.
✅ Become aware of what feels good and what doesn’t feel good inside your body.
✅ Learn how to make the best choices for your body and brain.
✅ Know what patterns to avoid for optimal health.
✅ Get a personal sustainable health plan without going hungry or having to follow a strict diet.


✅  An energetic support for the subtle body formulated for your specific emotional needs.
✅ Flower essences hold their own unique energetic imprint of the vital force of the flowers.
✅  A gentle and powerful remedy to help enhance mood and shift unwanted emotional patterns.